The Game Of Blackpool

02/02/2015 - 23/07/2015
Installation , Pop-up , Workshop

The Game of Blackpool is a pop-up museum that requires participants to guess which part of Blackpool’s entertainment history they are. This is done through visual clues that can be viewed and interacted with.

The museum was conceived through a series of workshop sessions between Reet So and Claremont First Steps Community Centre. These sessions acted as a creative consultation and discussion that helped to facilitate thoughts and ideas about the look of the museum and how the subject of Blackpool’s entertainment history could be presented.

When the consultation process was finished, we decided on The Game of Blackpool. The previous workshop sessions helped to inform which parts of Blackpool would be included and how clues could be realised.

With the museum finished; schools, community centres and other institutions within Blackpool will be able to hire and play the game of Blackpool.

The project was commissioned by Blackpool Treasure Trove and was part of a wider initiative which will lead up to the opening of Blackpool’s first heritage museum in 2018.

All photos copyright Matthew Wright & Claire Griffiths ©