Sow An Idea

13/09/2016 - 16/09/2016
Community Consultation , Installation , Social Exchange

Sow an Idea took place at Park Here a temporary ‘pop-up park’ as part of DLA Architects initiative to re-imagine and improve St. Pauls Street, Leeds. Commissioned by DLA with funding from Leeds Inspired we were invited to create an interactive exhibit which would activate the park.

People were invited to enjoy the temporary public space and to ‘Sow an Idea’ contributing ideas to the future of the street in exchange for a planted seed to take home. We engaged with 200 people over three days.

The recurring themes for St. Pauls Street from this engagement included:

More focus on cyclist/pedestrians less on cars – “Keep streets as car free as possible, cities are for people!”

More temporary food outlets and events – “Miniature Stadiums for Performances”

Places to eat lunch outdoors – “More areas to sit and chat, eat lunch and relax for short period”