She Rocks

Installation , Interactive , Performance

She Rocks was a research led project created for F Equals ‘Festival of the Body’ which took place during women’s history month, March 2016.

The project aimed to explore the representation, or lack of, women in statues and civic monuments. Using Leeds’s City Square as a starting point, where semi-nude women are used only as symbols to represent ‘Morning’ and ‘Evening’ and act as decorative supports to surround powerful male statues. We looked at who and why women should be commemorated and celebrated.

Using the representation of ‘Morn’ and ‘Even’ replica statues were created to stand in the exhibition ‘Festival of the Body’ and we invited the general public to add rosettes to the statues celebrating notable achievements of women to create a provocation questioning how ‘Morn’ and ‘Even’ could be considered ‘worthy’ beyond decorations.

During the festival we continued to inhabit the library, researching feminist movements and local women of era the statues were unveiled. On International Women’s Day, we took ‘Morn’ and ‘Even’s’ plinths into Victoria Garden’s and asked which women should be celebrated with a public sculpture. Our research was presented in a performance lecture at the unconference ‘Women, Visibility and Playful Acts 3’

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