Enact Art

Community Engagement , Fluxus , Installation

In partnership Reet So and Leeds Art Gallery, we created an outdoor Artspace that popped up as part of Engage Children’s Artsweek at The Threadneedle Triathlon.

Enact Art brought a unique collection of instructions for spectators of the Triathlon. Inspired by the Fluxus Art Movement, it became an installation full of instructional artworks made for playing in the crowd.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a triathlon upside down? But not only that, what if the rest of the crowd joined in?

We collaborated with a local school, shops and artists, to create a set of instructional artworks inspired by the Fluxus art movement that appeared as an installation and in print at the Columbia Threadneedle Triathlon. The instructions acted as interventions that played with the experience of being in a crowd, for example “Shout as loudly and slowly as you can ‘Freedom Machine’ at passing cyclists – try and make the two words last as long as you can ‘frrrreeeeedddddooooommmaaaaacccchhiiiinnneeee”. 

Throughout the day these artworks asked visitors to the triathlon to respond to the instructions, to carry out playful actions in the area and create their own works of art. The instructions given out encouraged individuals to experience their surroundings, to look and see the event as a series of creative possibilities and enhance the experience of the triathlon.