Dialect Dominoes

24/10/2014 - 26/10/2014
Creative , Experiences , Festival , Multimedia

Working with the Wakefield organisation Beam, we were paired with Artist Rebecca Clark to create a socially engaged piece that could be interacted with by the people of Wakefield.

Through substantial research in to Wakefield and its history, as well as Rebecca’s experience as a resident artist in Madrid, we arrived at Dialect Dominoes. Turning the conventional game of dominoes on its side, numbers were substituted for words and phrases in both Standard English and Yorkshire Dialect. With 24 dominoes in total, the game worked as a matching exercise for the general public to play with, as a way to expand their understanding of Yorkshire Dialect as well as its history and cultural significance.

Interested in widening our own understanding, we asked for both verbal and written contributions from those who took part and visited in the event. Typewriters were set up in the space as a way of transcribing words and phrases, many of which are now defunct or out of popular use.

The event also included readings and performances throughout the day from dialect enthusiasts, Alan and Carol Walker.