BAS8 Activate


The workshop ‘Repair’ was created for the British Art Show 8’s School’s Programme. In partnership with Leeds Art Gallery and Brigshaw High School, we worked with a small group of Year 9 students on a 3 day project. The workshop was inspired by artists working with themes of re-use, repair, regeneration, and consumerism in BAS8 including Martino Gamper, Alexandre Da Cunha and Eileen Simpson & Ben White.

We challenged pupils to consider their school’s environment and the way they use or misuse the spaces, furniture and corridors. We looked at ways we could playfully intervene and interrupt the school. Using an array of used materials we created a volleyball net in the corridor, a rainbow staircase, developed the concept of an existing sculpture by adding new elements, and created mazes through the corridors. The workshop looked at the way artists change existing space, objects and experiences of environments and allowed pupils to creatively challenge perceptions of the everyday and commonplace.

During the final day at Brigshaw, pupils were asked to take on a consultation role in the design process and we put the efforts of the past few days into a publication which students could take home and showcase in their school.