Alt Press

Experiences , Workshop

Alt Press was a platform for research, documentation and conversation within the town of Nelson, Lancashire. Working in The Shop, we were commissioned by the organisation In-Situ to undertake a practice centralised in the town.

Alt Press aimed to take an active role in the community and was interested in sharing ideas amongst the people of Nelson to empower all those involved. We did this by creating positive, social exchanges in public spaces. This saw us become both consumers and distributors of news on a very local level.

Nelson Alt Press explored its surroundings through the medium of news. We did this by setting up a ‘Pick N Mix’ News stand in the local market, allowing Nelson residents to curate a walk for us as well as questioning and analysing local news.

We also aimed to create a positive relationship with local news channels to facilitate a fair research process. Their input into the project was both valuable and necessary to the success of Alt Press.