Utopian Council

Somerset House Utopian Fair , Utopian Living

Working with archival research group My Future York, we created a table top interactive display for Somerset House’s Utopia Fair. The display was inspired by research on living in Hungate, York and the formal exchange and correspondence between residents and the council in the 19th century. The Utopian Council of 2066 invited people to write letters […]


Sow An Idea

Community Consultation , Installation , Social Exchange

Sow an Idea took place at Park Here a temporary ‘pop-up park’ as part of DLA Architects initiative to re-imagine and improve St. Pauls Street, Leeds. Commissioned by DLA with funding from Leeds Inspired we were invited to create an interactive exhibit which would activate the park. People were invited to enjoy the temporary public space and […]


Enact Art

Community Engagement , Fluxus , Installation

In partnership Reet So and Leeds Art Gallery, we created an outdoor Artspace that popped up as part of Engage Children’s Artsweek at The Threadneedle Triathlon. Enact Art brought a unique collection of instructions for spectators of the Triathlon. Inspired by the Fluxus Art Movement, it became an installation full of instructional artworks made for […]